Tile Bone Yard

If you are in need of spare tiles we do have an assortment of different roof tile brands, colors and styles in clay and concrete. We will sell SOME of these tiles to the public.

Please read the instructions below:

  1. We accept cash only and the roof tiles vary in price from $5.00 each – $15.00 each depending on rarity of the tile.
  2. These roof tiles carry no warranty, and may not integrate with your existing roof, and are for temporary emergency repairs only.
  3. Please call ahead to ensure someone in production is available to help you find the tile you need.
  4. BRING YOUR TILE! Bring a whole piece of the tile you are trying to match. Tile sizes vary, sometimes very slightly. For example some tiles are 17” long and others are 17 ¼” long. It helps if you have an entire tile.
  5. Please note that we only sell small quantities of tile, typically 1-20 pieces. We don’t have large quantities in stock. If you need large quantities of tile then you should contact a local roofing supplier.
  6. Location: We are located at 3871 Security Park Drive, Rancho Cordova, Ca 95742. (Drive straight through the gate and follow the chain link fence on the right… it turns into a chain link fence with brown privacy slats which is our yard… follow that around to the front office– you will see the pallets of tile stacked up.
  7. Lastly, we always recommend you use a licensed, insured, professional roofing contractor to do any repairs on your roof. We bear no responsibility of how you repair the roof, whether the tile matches, functions, integrates into the roof, etc. You are purchasing these old non-warrantied roof tiles at your own risk with no warranty from Brazil Quality Construction, Inc. It is recommended that you purchase your roof tiles from the proper tile manufacturer, and have it installed by a professional licensed installer using proper codes.

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